How to get started with a pre-built 11ty theme

Written By Saksham Alok
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11ty version of the popular Chirpy Jekyll blog theme. Also powers this blog.

You can check out the live version on

Local Development

Before you install dependencies

This repo uses Volta. Get it, and it'll make your node life so much easier. Runt his command (for linux and windows user)

curl | bash


Clone this repository. Goto to this template and click on "Use this Template" button.

copy template

Put a repository name and Description , then click on "create repository " button.

copy template

Clone the recently made repository

git clone -https link here -

Change into the cloned directory.

cd -Directory Name-

Install node

volta install node

Install yarn

volta install yarn

Install dependencies. Note, if you prefer npm over yarn make sure to first remove the yarn.lock file, and then run npm install.

yarn install

Start the local development process.

yarn dev

Open the page, usually on http://localhost:8080, and dig around!


All blog configuration is handled via siteconfig.js (content/_data/siteconfig.js). Everything is inline documented.

Config file

In the config file you can can change the name , the picture , links among other things, feel free to tinker and explore from here

Opinionated setup with Prettier, ESlint, markdownlint and others. UX build with Nunjucks and TailwindCSS. JavaScript bundled with Rollup.


All build processes rely on how NODE_ENV is set. For production builds, which then also means minified CSS and JS you've to set the value to production. I mention this explicitly as this is for some vendors not the default.

If you want to speed up your build times a bit you can add the generated images to your git repo. The .gitignore already contains a commented section for that.


The UX of this template is based on the popular Chirpy template, just with a different tech stack. If you prefer to run Jekyll and Bootstrap, checkout Chirpy here. It's great.

Also big thanks to the the authors of the 11ty High Performance Blog.

Some Extra Resources