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LaunchPad 2021

October 2021

Marking HackerSpace ECC's inaugural event, LaunchPad 2021 unfolded as a dynamic three-stage ideathon, offering participants a diverse array of categories including

  • AI/ML
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Computing
  • IoT
  • Big Data and
  • Distributed Systems.

The event garnered robust support from esteemed sponsors, notably PESU Venture Labs, Balsamiq, and Wolfram Languages.

Spanning from October 24th to 28th, 2021, this exceptional competition commenced with an engaging online preliminary round, proceeding to grand finale conducted offline.

Homebrew FOSS by HackerSpace PESUECC

April 2022

What was the idea behind Homebrew?

Homebrew is a gathering place for FOSS enthusiasts on campus. It was created with the idea to solve the absence of a major FOSS Community in PES. It serves as a hub where enthusiasts engage in conversations about their preferred open source technologies, share alternatives, and propose different software options.

Additionally, the platform hosts the "Homebrew Expo" on a weekly basis, offering students a platform to showcase their projects, mirroring the spirit of the actual Homebrew community.

Having been in existence for nearly a year, Homebrew has established itself as a valuable platform for sharing thoughts, ideas, and guides related to emerging technologies. Members of the community contribute their insights to assist and guide other individuals seeking information.

Here are a few blogs and guides written by some of the members of HackerSpace PESU-ECC.

Our members have also had the amazing oppurtunity to speak at some of FOSS United Bangalore's meetups

systemctl start linux

April 2022

systemctl start linux was a beginner-oriented, hands-on workshop conducted by Hackerspace PESUECC where the club members, many of whom use Linux as their primary operating system, exhibited their configurations and setups, and answered variety of questions from the participants!
Course of Events :

  1. An Introduction to the Linux OS and bash commands to demonstrate its flexibility.
  2. How is Linux beneficial from a FOSS Perspective.
  3. Hands-on session with bash, shell scripting and common command-line tools.
  4. A brief Introduction to Vim- a free and open-source, screen-based text editor program.

Build your Own Website

September 2022

On the occasion of Engineer's day, HackerSpace PESU-ECC presented a beginner friendly interactive workshop on web development using Eleventy, a static site generator used by Google, CERN, and many others!

The workshop covered a wide range of topics including:

  • Eleventy
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Netlify
  • Creating your very own website by the end of the workshop

Golang 101

September 2022

HackerSpace PESU-ECC also conducted a exciting beginner friendly workshop on GO! Golang is a language whose development is supported by Google and is syntactically similar to C.
The workshop covered a wide variety of topics :

  • Basics of Golang
  • Why Golang is the fastest growing language in terms of popularity
  • The amazing concurrency features included in GoLang
  • Why Go is the language of choice for building enterprise-grade backend services.


January 2023

BotCamp was a beginner-oriented, hands-on Telegram bot building workshop from HackerSpace PESUECC! ✨

The workshop guided the participants on learning the basics of bot development with Telegram.

The workshop helped participants build their first Telegram bot using BotFather. They participants then deployed the bot on the app and made the bot do a variety of tasks like mimic the chats, etc.

The participants also got to have a quick Q&A session with the Mentor Team of HackerSpace to get the gist of how to push their bot development skills in the right direction.


March 2023

Build your Own Compiler! was a workshop presented by HackerSpace PESU-ECC in March 2023.

The workshop covered what compilers are and how they work with binary language. Participants were also familiarized with the workflow for writing assembly programs.

By the end of the workshop, with the guidance of our mentors participants were capable of building and testing their first, very own compiler

The main aim of the workshop was that the participants should be capable of making their own language and know what to look for to expand their knowledge of the topic if interested.

UI/UX Product Design Workshop

March 2023

Over the span of 2 days, HackerSpace PESU-ECC presented a workshop where one could develop their technical and design know-how, starting with the elementary thought process behind ideation to improvising and testing their final design.
The workshop was beginner friendly and required minimal setup with mentors present to guide the participants along all the steps.


Summer 2023

During the summer of 2023, Tilde was HackerSpace’s mentorship program, spanning across 6 weeks where interested participants will be expanding your knowledge in your various domains through a project-based approach!

Tilde was planned as a fun geek-out jam that participants can have with their mentor and network with like minded peers, who will guide and help them get better at your chosen domain!

Tilde offered mentorship and guidance in Web Development, Backend and Systems engineering, Computer Architecture and Game Development domains.

HSP Meetup

Summer 2023

Apart from Tilde 2.0, HackerSpace PESU-ECC attended a couple of meetups held across Bangalore,Karnataka.

  1. We attended a meetup on Disruptive Tech - WebAssembly Serverless Edition, hosted at Google.
    The speakers at the first talk were Matt Butcher and Radu Matei, CEO and CTO at Fermyon Technologies, a pioneer in WebAssembly and development in cloud computing, giving us an overview on the usage of Serverless functions and WebAssembly.
    The second speaker was Saiyam Pathak, giving an overview on usage of WebAssembly on Kubernetes, and running applications in Kubernetes clusters.
  2. We also attended meet-ups organised by Rust India, where 4 of our members gave insightful talks!
  • Navin Shrinivas gave a talk on Patterns and Anti-patterns of ORMs, in Rust
  • Mohammed Ayaan gave a talk on Judson, a project cleaner he built using Rust
  • Anirudh Rowjee gave a talk on Saaru, a static site generator he built using Rust
  • Suhas KV gave a talk on RISCulator, a RISC-V emulator written in Rust

Fireside Talks

August 2023

Fireside Talks is a new venture by HackerSpace PESU-ECC where the club in association with ACM PESU-ECC aims to hold weekly meetups to inculcate the practise of discussing technical concepts.

Members of both clubs come together and discuss, give their opinions on a topic collectively selected by the clubs. The members are provided with a bundle of resources to gain insights of the topic in dicussion and are free to contribute as well.