About Homebrew

What is Homebrew?

Homebrew aims to be a community of FOSS enthusiasts, as well as the one-stop shop for those curious about and interested in FOSS. It aims to be a forum where enthusiasts can discuss their favorite open source technologies, and discuss them with other enthusiasts, while also keeping track of alternatives and suggesting different software. Students can also exhibit their projects in the "Homebrew Expo" that occurs every week, akin to the actual Homebrew.

Who is Homebrew catering to?

The students of PES university, EC campus. As well as every human on earth interested in FOSS.

Why Homebrew?

There's no major FOSS Community in PES, which is somewhat detrimental to the FOSS situation on campus. It's necessary to have a bunch of enthusiasts who are open about their ideals as well as their software to ensure the free software and FOSS message gets passed on to future generations.